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Words of an Infostien

To the Ethos and Beyond,

I’d like to first and foremost welcome you to my blog and introduce myself as Infostien. Throughout the course of my life, I’ve considered myself to sometimes be unlucky… but not unlucky enough for that to be my actual name (Thank you mum and dad).

If it were my aim to inspire a single notion in the reader scrolling through my blogs on this site, then it would be my hope that they have a clear image of who I am, maybe more than I do myself, through the thoughts and beliefs that I share and the topics I’m interested enough to discuss.

For me as the writer, these blogs are an ethos of a person undergoing a state of growth and learning. I cannot guarantee that these blogs will somehow impact your life and create a new paradigm shift in the way modern society thinks, nor can I proclaim that I will adhere to a tightknit schedule that will somehow cause a period of your time every Tuesday night to be swallowed up by a passionate and thought-provoking five-minute post.

Sometimes I just like to sleep.

However, as long as I post blogs on this site, I aim to maintain the integrity of myself as the writer by posting my truthful thoughts given the information available to me at the time of writing, as well as maintain the trust that you as the reader have that I am being openly honest on the topic at hand.

I welcome being subject to change, and if new information, or be it time itself, is able to change my perspective on a topic, then I will not hesitate to write a blog letting you the reader know.

Yours truly,


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